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Welcome to Curator-in-Residence, Katelynn Dunn!

We are pleased to announce Kunstraum’s new Curator-in-Residence, Katelynn Dunn!

Katelynn is an independent curator, researcher, and writer from Washington, D.C. living in New York City. She holds an MA in Curatorial Practice from the School of Visual Arts with a focus on sound art and critical inquiry.

Her curatorial experience includes managing Studio Bosco Sodi and participating in the Kunstverein Munich’s Summer School. Her writings on design and political complexities, studio practice, and sonic environments have appeared in Passe-Avant, the International Studio and Curatorial Program Journal, and Whitehot Magazine.

Katelynn has curated diverse exhibitions, such as Readings in the Garden at anonymous gallery that presented a public reading and discussion focusing on the climate of war imagery and media ecology, Para Figurations at Brooklyn's Pfizer building about the ways that modern technology is changing our subjectivities and hierarchies of visibility, and Space is Sound at SVA CP Project Space that challenged the understanding of sound as corporeal and proposed it as a hidden architecture of meaning.

She has also contributed to mixed-media exhibitions like Max Gimblett: The Alchemist and Fernanda Fragateiro: On Love at Bienvenu Steinberg & C, Lorena Torres: Waiting for my Love to Find Me and Eckart Hahn: Spirit’s We’ve Called at Pablo’s Birthday, and assisted to several shows at Haus der Kunst in Munich.

During her term as CIR, Katelynn will curate exhibitions, and assume a key leadership role in directing our artist-run gallery’s programming. The CIR program focuses on facilitating exhibitions and events to engage our community while also encouraging invited curators, artists, and other guests to collaborate, think critically, and take risks in their practices.

Please join us in welcoming Katelynn to the KUNSTRAUM team, we look forward to supporting her work and further developing her curatorial vision!


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