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What is the Studio Membership?

Studio and Community Memberships at Kunstraum


There are two models of membership:


What is the Studio Membership?

Kunstraum offers Studio Memberships to artists of all kinds including visual artists, filmmakers, designers, architects, theorists, writers, and other creatives. Studio Membership durations range from three, six, or twelve months with a renewal option at the end of the chosen term. As Kunstraum is an artist community, our artist members stand at the core of our events, exhibitions, and programs. With a Studio Membership, artists have 24-hour access to their studios, the opportunity to use our gallery space (modest fee), to participate in professional networking events, promotion via social media and website, to receive our monthly newsletter with a list of open calls and residencies, to take part in 1-2 monthly curator/arts professional visits (modest fee), our annual Members Show (modest fee), career support (modest fee), and writing and photography services (modest fees). As a company designed by artists for artists, it is based on a cost-share method. Our goal is to keep memberships and maintenance/utility fees low. For commonly asked questions, please refer to the FAQ for Studio and Community Membership below. 


Is it possible to join Kunstraum as a Community Member without a studio in location?


Yes, anyone can become a Community Member of Kunstraum without having a studio space in our lofts for an annual Community Membership fee of $60 per year. These members will receive our newsletter which provides opportunities for participation in our studio visit program in location or via Zoom, attend openings, curator-artist talks, exhibition walkthroughs, artist brunch, and/or other community events. Additionally, we provide two free social media postings to promote your work as well as the opportunity to participate in our monthly studio visit program for a fee of $80 upon the availability of time slots. For the studio visit program, we organize a desktop space to present your work and/or a Zoom meeting. You will also have access to be a part of our annual Members Show. If interested, please email


How do I become a member of a studio inside the lofts?


Available spaces are listed each week via Craigslist and the Listings Project. The applicant must submit a portfolio of work, images, their website or Instagram for review before being able to schedule a viewing of the space. If interested, please send a brief email of introduction along with one of these listed materials to The membership fee associated with each studio depends on the space’s size and layout.


Are there any maintenance or other fees outside of my monthly membership? 


Kunstraum charges a maintenance fee of $45-$50 (summer/winter) per month. Outside of this, Kunstraum offers many services free of charges, such as social media and website promotion. Additional services/programs that require modest fees to participate include monthly studio visits (for a fee of $65 for members) and writing and photo services at an hourly charge of $60 (writing)/ $300 (photography) for members). 


Is there a deposit connected to my Studio Membership?


To become a Studio Member, you are required to pay a membership deposit which is 1.5 times the monthly membership fee. Separately, the remaining days of the Studio Membership fee for the starting month are prorated and invoiced.


Can I share my studio with another artist?


Our studio spaces are semi-private subdivided spaces inside shared lofts. As we have noise and occupancy restrictions, we rarely make exceptions for members to share studios. If the nature of your shared space does not infringe upon our community rules, we can, at times, make exceptions with an additional fee for the second person in the space. Please reach out to for questions on sharing a studio. 


Once I am a member, can I have guests to my studio? 


Yes, but no more than 1-2 at a time. You must accompany them throughout their time in the lofts and carry liability for them.


Do I need to re-paint my studio upon move-out?


When moving out, you will be required to repaint your space and return your keys. This is the most affordable way we can offer a clean space to the next artist. If you decide not to paint, the membership deposit will be kept to cover the costs.


Can you participate in Kunstraum’s monthly studio visit program without being a member?


You have to be a Community or Studio Member to participate. For Studio Members, it costs $65 per session to participate in our monthly studio visit program. For Community Members, it is $80. For Studio Members, we organize a desk at Kunstraum to present your work and/or a Zoom meeting. Please note, scheduled visits are final and cannot be canceled or refunded. Become a member by emailing

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