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Curatorial Opportunities at KUNSTRAUM

KUNSTRAUM offers two types of curatorial opportunities to develop projects in collaboration with the organization: the annual open call for the Curator-in-Residence (CIR) Program and the ongoing Gallery Rental Program.

Curator-in-Residence at KUNSTRAUM

The CIR oversees KUNSTRAUM’s gallery program for 12 months, facilitating exhibitions and events to engage our community while collaborating with guest curators in the planning of their shows. The CIR organizes KUNSTRAUM's annual Members Show and one independent exhibition. 

For more information about the opportunity, see the open call here. Apply for the opportunity here

Gallery Rental at KUNSTRAUM

The second curatorial option is KUNSTRAUM gallery rental, which can be accompanied by inclusion in our official program, see Gallery Rental for more information.

Proposals can be submitted by curators and artists acting as curators.


Read below for commonly asked questions pertaining KUNSTRAUM's curatorial opportunities. 

What does Kunstraum offer to guest curators? 


Kunstraum offers our gallery space for the duration of the show. Our team provides critical input during the planning and production of the exhibition, assistance in administration, press, viewing hours–by appointment–and sales. Kunstraum provides outreach to its widespread network and helps with individual communications. The guest curator receives support from the CIR in the elaboration of a public event. 

Does Kunstraum accept proposals for solo shows for the Exhibition Program?




Who is the jury that selects the shows?


The jury is composed of Kunstraum’s team and the Curator-in-Residence.


For how long will selected exhibitions be on view? 


Selected exhibitions will be typically on view for one to four weeks. The guest curator will be asked to propose one public program/event as part of the show.


How does the Guest Curator collaborate with the Curator-in-Residence? 


The Curator-in-Residence helps to produce the show with critical input and admins its production. Working together with the Curator-in-Residence, guest curators receive support to develop a public program/event related to the exhibition.


Does Kunstraum make suggestions for the curatorial work and content? 


Yes, if desired, Kunstraum makes suggestions regarding artwork selection in relation to socio-political discourse relevant in New York, seeking to act as mediator and connector to the public.   


Does Kunstraum help the guest curators to find additional local artists?

Suggestions for local artists to consider/add-on for an exhibition can be made by the Curator-in-Residence and Kunstraum’s team if requested.


Is there a production budget for the show?


The Guest Curator brings their independent show to Kunstraum. Kunstraum acts as an exhibition platform. The Guest Curator carries the responsibility to fund and/or acquire a production budget for the realization of their show. As a small artist-run organization without public funding, Kunstraum can not provide additional production budget aside from the offered services but can provide letters of support and suggestions on whom to contact. If a production budget is acquired via a grant, it's shared between Kunstraum 25% and the guest curator 75%. Kunstraum and guest curators each receive a 25% commission on sales and the exhibited artists 50%.


Is there a floor plan for Kunstraum's gallery?


Yes, please find the floorplan here for download. Images can be found in the gallery archive for each show. 

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