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Artist-in-Residence at Kunstraum 

Each year, KUNSTRAUM announces one open call for Artist-in-Residence applications to national and international artists for a duration of three months, starting in January, April, July, and October. A jury composed of KUNSTRAUM’s team and Curator-in-Residence selects artists based on the originality and quality of their artwork. Each residency includes a studio space, studio visits, participation in our annual Members Show, online promotion, sales opportunities via an online gallery, community events, and a great artist community to meet and interact with.


Read below for commonly asked questions pertaining KUNSTRAUM's residency program. 

What events/programs does KUNSTRAUM host that enables community and networking? 


Alongside our exhibitions and studio program, KUNSTRAUM hosts programming within our gallery and/or via Zoom. In the past, this has taken the form of panels, salons, critiques, screenings, readings, performances, member-to-member visits, and even potlucks which bring our community and the New York art world together to converse. We offer a monthly studio visit program (virtually and/or in-person) in which we invite curators/NY arts professionals into our space to have 30-minute one-on-one visits with participating members. Additionally, we have started a new program this year called Zoom-in Kunstraum Studios which is a bimonthly virtual meet-up for all members in which two members present their work to the group for discussion.


How much does it cost to be an Artist-in-Residence at KUNSTRAUM?


The Artist-in-Residence fee is $650/month in 2023 and $700/month in 2024 for a 3-months term. Included is: 

  • Studio space with 24/7 access (workspace only no living) 

  • 1 to 2 monthly studio visits by New York curators, gallerists, critics, art advisers, collectors  (included in residency, free of charge) 

  • Social media promotion (optional) 

  • Website promotion (optional) 

  • Access to gallery space between ongoing exhibition program (via inquiry, as available, modest admin fee) 

  • Members Show participation including curator's visit, professional photography, and online sales for 6 months (included in residency, free of charge) 

  • Access to events and community, networking with other New York creatives 


Does KUNSTRAUM provide the Artist-in-Residence a place to stay? 

No, the Artist-in-Residence is responsible for finding their own accommodation/lodging during the duration of their time in the city. We would suggest checking the websites Airbnb, Craigslist, or the Listings Project.


Are the curators who visit the gallery 1-2 times a month different each time?


Yes, they are different each visit and pulled from KUNSTRAUM’s vast network of New York arts professionals and curators. A full list can be found under the About section of our website. We arrange our guests for studio visits 3-5 months ahead of time. If you like to suggest a specific critic, please contact and provide us with their contact info.


When is the KUNSTRAUM’s Members Show and how do you participate in it?


The timing of the Members Show varies as it is determined alongside our exhibition programming. It usually falls in the late Summer or Fall (August-November) and lasts about two to four weeks. KUNSTRAUM informs their current Studio and Community Members as well as Artists-in-Residence of that year of the opportunity via email. All members in the annual membership cycle will be able to exhibit their art in the Members Show even those who are not members at the time but were members that year. Participation by Artists-in-Residence is highly encouraged.


If a resident’s period is not during KUNSTRAUM’s Annual Member Show, but they are participating and out of New York, how will they receive their work back? 


The packing and shipping for sending back artworks are organized by the artist. You could:

A) have a friend pick up the work and mail it to you/hold it for you or

B) You can pay a service fee for packing and shipping, provide all materials, and email and a FedEx, UPS, USPS label and we can drop it off for you. 


Is there a specific project that should be created during the residency and exhibited by the end?


While we encourage the routine use of your studio and the production of new work, there is no specific project that has to be completed by the end of your residency. We love to include new works that have been created at Kunstraum in our Members Show but this is a requirement.


What is the difference between a Studio Membership and an Artist-in-Residence at KUNSTRAUM? 


Studio Memberships are primarily designed for local artists who want to become part of our community on an ongoing and long-term basis. These memberships are advertised on an irregular basis whenever a studio opens. As some artists have schedule restrictions or want to test the community, we offer short-term memberships at additional charges. 


KUNSTRAUM’s Artist-in-Residence program is competitive as we have limited, quarterly slots. Participants have been selected through a judged process out of a pool of many talented artists. Our residencies are awarded to artists whose work merits originality and artistic quality. These artists are given priority for studio visits and promotion as their stay is limited to a short term. 


Residents automatically have a spot reserved for all studio visits at no additional charges. Studio Members are required to pay a $65 fee to participate in our monthly studio visits and must reserve a spot on a first come first serve basis. These one-on-one sessions with curators/arts professionals are an excellent way to gain exposure.

If I am an international artist or curator, what kind of visa do I need?


Artists and curators are liable for their visas. Generally enter the United States on a B1/B2 visa, which is issued for business/tourist purposes. KUNSTRAUM’s acceptance letter/email and contractual agreements can be used in support of the visa application. If travel restrictions prevent a participant from coming, they will be able to reschedule their residency within KUNSTRAUM’s pending availability.  

What contingency plans are there in case of another Covid-19 shutdown?


During the COVID-19 pandemic, KUNSTRAUM’s studios have remained accessible following strict cleaning protocols, mask-wearing, and social distancing policies within all public guidelines. As independent business entities, our Studio Members and Artists-in-Residence decide on their studio usage, work determination, and permission for it according to the public guidelines. Specific policy decisions were made in conversation with the artists. E.g. private usage hours were installed for members in need. KUNSTRAUM’s programming was held virtually including the studio visits and an online exhibition. In October’20, we were able to host our first exhibition by appointment again. Occupancy is generally low inside our lofts but we established additional limits and have only recently allowed guests with sign-up for contact-tracing purposes. As far as a contingency plan, we would decide on similar procedures if the virus had a resurgence, complying with all government-mandated procedures. If you would like to see a full list of our COVID-19 Rules/Procedures, please inquire to


Will my residency deposit be returned if I cannot travel to NY due to Covid-19?


In the case that travel becomes difficult due to COVID-19, we offer to reschedule your residency period to a different time pending Kunstraum’s availability. 

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