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Mission & History


In 2015, we opened the gallery and artist-hub KUNSTRAUM by the Navy Yard in Brooklyn. As an interdisciplinary team of artists, curators, and architects, we seek to promote emerging art, as well as outstanding exhibition concepts featuring both established and emerging artists.

KUNSTRAUM is a gallery, an artist hub, and a studio space. Our concept features both a gallery and studios inside of two 1,000 square foot lofts. The lofts are situated in a beautifully renovated factory building in the historically artistic neighborhood of Clinton Hill.

KUNSTRAUM aims to redefine the way artists and curators collaborate.  By opening our gallery to different art professionals interested in sharing engaging ideas, unconventional thinking, and risk-taking, KUNSTRAUM pushes the parameters of emerging, international, contemporary art.

KUNSTRAUM is born out of a necessity to create community and foster collaboration between artists, architects, curators, designers, filmmakers, and writers. The KUNSTRAUM model features excellent studio locations, networking, research opportunities, and discourse for creative production.

In addition to regular memberships, locally advertised via the Listings Project, KUNSTRAUM now dedicates three studios year-round to an artist residency for both national and international artists to join our community for a period of 3 months. Applications are accepted via an Open Call and on a rolling basis upon availability.

After successfully inaugurating our first space in New York as of January 2015, we seek to expand to Berlin soon. KUNSTRAUM’s global identity is designed to offer and promote international mobility and visibility.

KUNSTRAUM respectfully acknowledges that we are on the occupied and unceded lands of the Canarsie, who are part of the Munsee Lenape. We recognize them as the original stewards of this land and pay respects to their elders—past, present, and future. 

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