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Huffington Post /// Highlights From NADA New York 2016

Kari Adelaide May 11, 2016 read article

Kunstraum LLC (Brooklyn) presented an ambitiously relaxed project, VIDEO SHOP, showcasing “artist-authorized bootlegs” editions of DVDs in a video store recreation, including works by Jon Kessler, Nadja Verena Marcin, David Merrit, Emma Sulkowicz, Shelly Silver, and more. A DVD of Alex McQuilkin’s “ROMEO AND JULIET (I Wanna Be Claire Danes)” stood out in a manner of iconic, throw-back glory. The process of browsing shelves of DVDs and previewing some on hand-held screens was nostalgic and warm, but also felt like a prescient way to open up a treasure trove of hidden, videographic potential.

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