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Artspace /// The Artspace Fairgoer Awards: NADA New York 2016 Edition

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the inaugural Artspace Fairgoer Awards, in which you—yes you!—the audience have selected the most compelling booths at this year's edition of NADA New York. (That is, at least, any of you who took the time to vote at our high-tech polling station at the fair.) While this is largely a notional award, and comes with no physical prize or financial windfall, it remains rich with pomp and deeply profound significance.

Drum roll please....

This year's winner, by popular acclaim, is Kunstraum, the Clinton Hill gallery and co-working studio space founded by Fernando Schrupp and Nadja Verena Marcin and run with the help of Vanessa Albury and Dashiell Jordan.

You honored them for their "VIDEO SHOP" booth, a throwback to those movie-rental purveyors of yore that the dealers stocked with $75 DVDs by a wide range of artists presenting both original video work together with bootlegs of classics. Congratulations, Kunstraum!

Here, below, are the 10 most popular booths at the fair:

1. Kunstraum (Brooklyn)

2. Páramo (Guadalajara)

3. Meir Gallery (Los Angeles)

4. SIGNAL (Bushwick)

5. 321 Gallery (Brooklyn)

6. Fiebach Minninger (Cologne)

7. Massif Central (Brooklyn)

8. Space in Between (London)

9. Proyectos Ultravioleta (Guatemala)

10. Roberto Paradise (San Juan)

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