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artnet news /// 11 Booths I Could Hardly Tear Myself Away From at NADA New York

Brian Boucher, May 6, 2016 read article

It’s time for NADA New York, the annual fair organized by the New Art Dealers Alliance. Just over a hundred dealers from all over the globe have brought their most stylish artists, young and old and everywhere in between, to Basketball City, on New York’s East River.

Emma Sulkowicz at Kunstraum, Brooklyn Helping, a video work that predates Emma Sulkowicz’s legendary mattress performance, Carry That Weight, shows Sulkowicz moving a mattress out of her home. It’s set to the sad soundtrack of her phone conversation with the authorities about the rape she alleges occurred in her Columbia University dorm room. artnet News’ Ben Davis called Carry That Weight one of the most important artworks of 2014. Helping is one of dozens of videos you can pick up at Kunstraum, also including works by Jon Kessler, Michael Mahalchick, Martin Roth, and many more.

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