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Lunch with Artists - Live Conversation at Kunstraum

Lunch with Artists - Live Conversation at Kunstraum

as apart of the exhibition programming for

Proximity and Distance

March 4, 2021 from 1 to 2 PM

Tune in for a live conversation with artists Isabelle Borges, Carson Fox, Katherine Jackson, Stella Meris, Habby Osk, and artist and curator Paul Wesenberg.

In connection to the exhibition "Proximity and Distance," Kunstraum LLC is hosting an online conversation with the curator Paul Wesenberg and the artists of the exhibition from 1-2 PM on Thursday, March 4, 2021. The discussion will be moderated by Kunstraum's Curator-in-Residence Iara Pimenta. Please join us for our Lunch With Artists-Live Conversations at Kunstraum event via the Zoom link above to learn more about the artists' works and for a Q+A at the end of the event.

Proximity and Distance focuses on the shared belief that rapidly changing times require a new search for artistic language—one that offers calm and resilience in the face of the complexities of our lives. The artists in this show are united by the distinctiveness of their independent studio practice. They use different techniques, materials, and visual languages, yet their resulting works communicate with each other. All of the works offer an inherent stillness and comfort that allows us to take a mental breath and slow down to reflect. The inherent faith of the artists and the care that goes into these artworks grant a calm that can metaphorically offer proximity and distance from life's challenges.

For the full Press Release, please click here.

Watch the full Zoom meeting below:

Address: Kunstraum LLC, 20 Grand Ave, Space 509, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Hours: Thu - Sat 12-6 PM by appointment only – please contact us first!

Contact: Iara Pimenta, +1.718.360.3605,

Social Media:, Instagram @kunstraumllc, #Kunstraumllc

Image credit: Habby Osk, Anchor VIIII, 2020.


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