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Kunstraum Stands in Solidarity with Black Communities

Kunstraum Stands in Solidarity

with Black Communities

Kunstraum LLC stands in solidarity with Black communities across the country in the midst of protests for justice and reform. We say the names of George FloydDreasjon ReedAhmaud ArberyBreonna Taylor, and Tony McDade in mourning for their recent and reprehensible murders and recognize the countlessBlack Americansbefore them who have suffered under the brutality of an unjust system.

Firmly standing against racism in all forms, we acknowledge the racist systematic and social structures this country was founded on as well as the powerful entities which keep them in place today. Kunstraum advocates for the drastic but peaceful changes that American society and our government must implement for a more equitable democracy.

It is our collaborative and international community of curators, architects, artists, filmmakers, designers, and writers that remains a vital part ofKunstraum, and we strive to provide accessible and affordable workspace and exhibition opportunities to all artists regardless of race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, or background. Recognizing the current discrimination thatBlack creativeshave and continue to face, but to note Kunstraum's continual efforts for more inclusive programming and communities.Black Lives Matter. 

We realize that as the activistAngela Davissaid, "it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be antiracist". We must be antiracist in order to understand how racial ideology is manufactured and impacts the lived experience of people daily.


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Sign a Petition:

Justice For George Floyd|

Justice for Ahmaud Arbery|

Justice for Breonna Taylor |

Justice for Tony McDade|

Defund the Police| Black Lives Matter

Legal Defense Fund for George Floyd| NAACP

Please consider donating to:

Directory of Community Bail Funds

Split a donation between 70+ community bail funds, mutual aid funds, and racial justice organizers

Black Lives Matter

Black Visions Collective

Brooklyn Community Bail Fund

Here are 23 Organizations You Can Donate to that Support Emerging Black Artists, Thinkers and Change-Makers| Art Net News

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