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ADJUSTED for Inflation

ADJUSTED for Inflation

KUNSTRAUM's Members Show: 2022 Edition

August 14 - September 10, 2022

Part 1: Opening Reception: Sunday, August 14, 4-6 pm

Part 2: Opening Reception: Sunday, August 28, 4-6 pm

Curated by: Ashley Ouderkirk, Curator-in-Residence

Artists: Annette Back, Taisha Brehaut, Laura Clark, Aleksy Cisowski, Giacomo Colosi, Amir Hariri, Catherine Lewis, Rita Nannini, Olga Rabetskaya, Bartho Staalman, Sato Sugamoto, Dimana Zaharieva, Cassandra Zampini,

and Sandra Zanetti

(BROOKLYN, NY) We are pleased to announce ADJUSTED for Inflation, the latest installment of our annual summer exhibition featuring works by KUNSTRAUM members and artists-in-residence. Eighteen works of art from our fourteen artists — including paintings, sculpture, photography, sound installations, and a performance — will be on view beginning August 14th through September 10th for a dynamic one-time rotating exhibition.

With works in a variety of media and artists from myriad backgrounds, this exhibition is bonded by a sense of community and grounded in the artists’ interpretation and internalization of turbulent contemporary events. Each artwork communicates a viewpoint — subtle, bold or open-ended — on how recent tumultuous incidents have shifted their artistic practices, mental states, and global perspectives. Together, these artworks encapsulate each artists’ journey of working through life’s challenges and discovering new strengths. ADJUSTED for Inflation seeks to foster important conversations around how we all have “adjusted” our lives, routines, and thinking; how we have adapted to new policies; and how individuals and communities are meeting the needs and demands of a rapid and unpredictable changing time.

The title, ADJUSTED for Inflation, is borrowed from the headline-grabbing economic term referring to the “real” value of our money, after considering how much the price of an average good or service has increased. The exhibition, like the economic concept, aims to reveal how our emotions determine the “real” value of any situation, shifting our perception to “adjust” and cope with obstacles in our daily lives. The more complex the hardship, the greater the emotional cost and more distorted the adjustment.

For many of our artists, difficult times, both financial and mental, have shifted the way they approach their practices. In Bartho Staalman and Catherine Lewis’s case, this meant incorporating found-objects into their painting and fiber practices respectively. For others like dancer/photographer Olga Rabetskaya, it was questioning their value as an artist when surrounded by naysayers. For another, it meant capturing the difficulties and hardships women artists must face to work in their studios, as in the paintings by Laura Clark.

Others in this group — photographer Rita Nannini, media artists Cassandra Zampini and Sandra Zanetti — gravitate towards exploring deeper philosophical questions of how we perceive the physical or digital world, and even how a new civilization may perceive us after we're extinct.

Some artists like sculptor Sato Sugamoto, painters Dimana Zaharieva, Annette Back and installation/performance artist Giacomo Colosi, are attracted to the mind, exploring meditative practices, and psychological connections within our local communities. Similarly, some artists questioned if we are bound by structures, and physical or emotional barriers, such as in the works by painters Amir Hariri, Aleksy Cisowski, and sculptor Taisha Brehaut.

Together, these artworks reclaim our current and ongoing obstacles. By acknowledging the difficulties, questions are processed, and solutions become apparent; reminding viewers to value their strength and uncanny abilities to adjust even in the worst of inflationary times.


A Finissage Reception will be held on Saturday, September 10 from 11am-1pm.

Review by Art Spiel

Interview by Art Frankly

Image Credit: Olga Rabetskaya, Unnamed, 2018, digital print, 30 x 50 in.


KUNSTRAUM's programs are supported, in part, by Art in General and the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Kathy Hochul and the New York State Legislature.


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