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ART SPIEL | Linda Sok: Biomythographies


Art Frankly | Christina Massey –  Curator-in-Residence, KUNSTRAUM

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Arcade Project | “Visually Sated Yet Cognitively Deprived”



ARTIST |  Interview with Ashley Ouderkirk


Cultbytes | Emojis, Memes and Popular Lexicons: KUNSTRAUM’s Newest Exhibition Explores Modes of Communication


Woman Around Town | ADJUSTED for Inflation – Kunstraum Brooklyn’s Member’s Show Opens

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Create! | Un-Script-It Curated by Vanessa Seis now on view at KUNSTRAUM through November 20th


Art Frankly | Anthony M. Huffman – Independent Scholar, Emerging Curator, and Cultural Critic

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Art Frankly | Iara Pimenta - Independent Curator and Writer

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Georgian Journal | Interview with Nina Mdivani: Georgian Curator Promoting Georgian Contemporary Art Worldwide

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ART SPIEL | ADJUSTED for Inflation at Kunstraum -Featured Project with curator Ashley Ouderkirk


Art Frankly | Freelance Art Writer, Artist Advisor and Independent Curator

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Women Around Town | Curator Sarah Sloan’s Speeding Up, Slowing Down: The Practice of “Feminine” Artmaking

Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 3.49.50 PM.png | Kunstraum LLC opens a group exhibition curated by Paul Wesenberg

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Musée Magazine | Beyond Appearances - Women Looking at Women

Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 3.49.50 PM.png | Exhibition "Beyond Appearances - Women Looking at Women" opens at Kunstraum

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Art Spiel | Nina Mdivani – NY Meets Tbilisi: Defining Otherness Part I & II

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Art Frankly | Nina Mdivani – Independent Curator and Writer

Wendy Richmond - Kunstraum

Communications Arts Photography Annual 2016 | Holding On to Space

The Huffington Post - Kunstraum

The Huffington Post | Highlights From NADA New York 2016

Interview Magazine - Kunstraum

Interview Magazine | 10 Picks from NADA New York 2016

Art F City - Kunstraum by the Navy Yard

ARTFCITY | Kunstraum by the Navy Yard

ArtSpace - Kunstraum

Artspace | The Artspace Fairgoer Awards: NADA New York 2016 Edition

Whitehot Magazine - Kunstraum

Whitehot Magazine | Nada vs. Untitled: A Battle on the Beach

artnet news - Kunstraum

artnet news | 11 Booths I Could Hardly Tear Myself Away From at NADA New York

Mold - Kunstraum

Mold | Simmer is an Exhibition on the Politics of Food Right Before the Boiling Point

The Art Couch - Kunstraum

The Art Couch | ‘Liminal lyrics’, een knappe expo in New York gecureerd door Hedwig Brouckaert

artnet news - Kunstraum

artnet news | Emma Sulkowicz to Show Drawings in New Feminist Exhibition

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