Testimonials and Success Stories

"I became a member-artist at Kunstraum in 2018, and have rented two shared spaces since then. This is my first “artist community,” and it has changed my work and creative life. The space and community are well organized, and the group shows have introduced me to curators, other artists, and a new community of driven creatives. I can directly attribute my time here to increased sales of my watercolors, as well!"


- Alexandra Jamieson, Kunstraum Artist Member 

"I was a member for 6 months and had only positive experiences. They lay everything out in the manual prior to signing a member agreement and are available during office hours if extra assistance is needed. I enjoyed the studio space as well as the gallery space. Sharing space was never an issue. All deposits were returned on time. On a more personal note, being a member and a part of the Kunstraum community was exactly the experience I was looking for. The support and available resources are absolutely essential to a developing artist, especially one who never went to art school. Having the time and space to develop my work and the way that I talk about it and engage with others around it was such a necessary part of my journey."


- Catherine Czerwinski, Kunstraum Artist Member 

"I’m an interdisciplinary artist who is currently based in New York City. I studied and worked in Philadelphia for four years. Last year, I decided to move to New York for more opportunities in art and design. Since I started in an entirely new city, I tried to find an affordable art studio for myself. I joined Kunstraum because of the affordable prices, good location, and monthly curatorial visiting opportunities provided by Kunstraum. I used the studio space for developing my art, which includes: computing, new media works, sculpting, and casting. Most importantly, as an emerging artist who lacks connections and experiences, Kunstraum has provided me with monthly visits with curators. I have benefited from the feedback and help from them. Kunstraum also provides social media exposure for members in the studio, which shows my current works and info. I would recommend Kunstraum for any serious and focused artists."


-Sheri Shih-Hui, Kunstraum Artist Member

I have been a Kunstraum member for nearly 2 years and love it. I joined after visiting other studio spaces in Gowanus, Greenpoint and LIC but settled here for the quality of the members' artwork and the monthly visits from curators. The curator involvement sets Kunstraum apart from other spaces and has truly helped me grow and stay current as an artist.

-Rita Nannini, Kunstraum Artist Member

This exquisitely intimate gemstone on the edge of the Brooklyn Navy Yard continues to showcase some of the most innovative young talent that the world class art community attracts to New York. Always chock full of surprises and new perspectives Kunstram manages to pack a wallop often with a knockout as it consistently punches well above its weight class in our era's avantgarde.

-Eric Payson, Artist and Collector

About Our Members 

-Matthew Sprung is a painter who came with an undergraduate law degree and a strong interest in painting to Kunstraum, participated for two years in all studio visits, and went off to pursue a Master’s at Chicago’s renowned School of the Art Institute


- Daniela Kostova is an interdisciplinary artist who participated in Kunstraum’s studio program for one year during where she met curator Katya Grokhovsky who invited her to participate in The Immigrant Artist Biennial at Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts


- Robert Costello is a painter who participated in Kunstraum’s studio program for two years during which he met curator Raul Zamudio Taylor and showed in his group show “Orphans of Painting” at Ethan Cohen, a Chelsea gallery.


- Ivan Sikic participated in Kunstraum’s studio program for one year during which he developed a relationship with curator Natalia Viera Salgado of Colectivo Se Habla Español with whom he worked on the solo “Performance as Repair” at The 8th Floor of the Rubin Foundation.

- Alex Jamieson is an established life coach and published author who joined Kunstraum with watercolors as a hobby. She has been at Kunstraum for three years during which she started professionalizing and selling her paintings via Instagram on a regular basis.


- Bent Jorge Perlmutt is a documentary filmmaker who had his production office for three years at Kunstraum during which he started working at Princeton University and was recently nominated for an Emmy.

- Paul Wesenberg is a painter who travelled from Germany to curate an exhibition at Kunstraum and participate in it's artist-in-residence program. From his time in New York, he was able to gain gallery representation from Slag Gallery.

- Kat Lyons was included in Kunstraum's exhibition Serenity Later, which afforded her an invitation to show the same artwork with Kornfeld Gallery in Berlin. Progressing in her career, she is now represented by the gallery Pilar Carrias.

-Hanae Utamura is a visual artist working in video, installation, performance and sculpture who met curator Monika Fabianska through Kunstraum's studio visit program. Fabianska asked Utamura to be apart of her exhibition on "ecofeminism(s)" at Thomas Erben Gallery.