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2020-21 Curator-in-Residence: Iara Pimenta

2020-21 Curator-in-Residence: Iara Pimenta

We are thrilled to announce Kunstraum’s 2020 Curator-in-Residence Iara Pimenta!

Iara Pimenta is an independent curator and writer interested in connections between art and architecture. Her projects investigate relationships between places, history, and culture, and reflect on perspectives that question collective memories and imaginaries. Iara has studied Architecture at the University of São Paulo and holds a master’s degree in Critical and Curatorial Practices from Columbia University GSAPP. With years of experience in elaborating and planning exhibitions and public programs, Iara has worked in art organizations and galleries in São Paulo and New York.

As Curator in Residence, Iara will have the opportunity to get involved in Kunstraum’s gallery program, curate two exhibitions, and further her independent curatorial research, exploring new formats and fostering the discourse of contemporary art forward. We look forward to supporting her in the development and presentation of her vision.

The goal of the CIR program is to facilitate exhibitions and events to engage our community while also encouraging invited curators, artists, and other guests to collaborate, think critically, and take risks in their practices .


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