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Video Shop /// NADA Art Fair

Video Shop /// NADA Art Fair

NADA New York, May 5–8, 2016

Curated by Nadja Verena Marcin

Artists: Lily Benson & Cassandra Guan, Peer Bode, Ulu Braun, Claudia Joskowicz, Jon Kessler, Michael Mahalchick, Nadja Verena Marcin, Alex McQuilkin, David J Merritt, Jessica Mitrani, Martin Roth, Jessica Segall, Susan Silas, Shelly Silver, Jessie Stead, Emma Sulkowicz

Kunstraum is pleased to participate in NADA New York with VIDEO SHOP, just one year after opening our doors to our artist-run gallery and studios near the Navy Yard in Brooklyn, NY. VIDEO SHOP is a throwback-inspired DVD store featuring 16 artist-authorized bootlegs of well-known, sold-out and world premiere Video Art. Visit our video pop-up concept, VIDEO SHOP, in the artist-run section at booth 2.09.

VIDEO SHOP is a modern-day simulation of the video stores from the dawn of the DVD. We conjure a time when films were visible in a physical sense rather than digitally veiled, a moment when video commerce was less abstracted and a more straightforward exchange.

All VIDEO SHOP pieces are meaningful, memorable and impactful. Accordingly, we price them equally at $75. At Kunstraum we value the meaning of art and find a nonsensical relation to its monetary values led by the market. With VIDEO SHOP, Kunstraum explores our enamor of creative labor, or "playbor," by questioning the value of the commodity Video Art. We show artists from different generations and stages in career and yet price all the work at one rate, positioning each among the others as equals in a kind of nostalgic archive. Most artists originate from a DIY or alternative background then, later on, gather professional validation and visibility on a broader cultural landscape. VIDEO SHOP depicts the ambiguities between meaning, mission, public awareness and monetary value in a playful and charming togetherness.

Kunstraum is excited to debut Peer Bode’s 1981 Neil Punches Pixels, a playful, punching screen test with the delight interface of a 1980’s digital video frame buffer. Emma Sulkowicz presents the original performance Helping interconnected with the audio recording of her rape report to the police that inspired her highly-covered, 9-month-endurance performance Carry That Weight in which she took her dorm’s rape mattress to her campus classes. David J. Merritt presents a year-long digital reveal of a singular image in DDDDD_v.0.0.0. In The Lamps, follow Shelly Silver’s exploration of erotic objects from Pompeii in a secret room at the Naples Archaeological Museum. Alex McQuilkin plays out her macabre dream of being Claire Danes from the 1990’s Hollywood hit Romeo and Juliet in Romeo and Juliet (I wanna be Claire Danes.) Jon Kessler packs almost a decade of video from his renown installations Global Village Idiot 2004, Desert of the Real 2009, Kessler’s Circus 2009 and The Palace at 4 AM 2005 as special treasure into one DVD.

Visit VIDEO SHOP for a survey of some of Kunstraum’s favorite Video Art works from the last 40 years at NADA, Booth 2.09. The graphic design of Kunstraum is made in collaboration with Alejandro Llobet and Carla Gimenez, designer of Lahostia.

NADA New York, May 5–8, 2016

Pier 36 Basketball City 299 South Street, New York, NY 10002

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