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Born in London, and based in New York. Sam Pepere is a self-taught artist. Primarily using oil paints and pens, Sam’s work reflects his state of mind, often focusing on political and urban reality. In his work, he leverages motifs of his day-to-day life, nature, and cityscapes.   


"I find that often in my work I seek to portray my emotions. This process allows me to express myself, shape a feeling into a form or color and recreate it onto canvas. I find that as an artist, I need to create in order to have a sense of release and growth. Most of the images presented through my work are depictions of various emotions I am feeling at the time of creation. These ideas mixed with either images I've taken, or places I've been, allowed me to paint. I greatly enjoy creating textures and mixing those textures with more realistic motifs giving off a sharp contrast between realism and surrealism."

To See More of Sam's Works:

Artist's Site

Instagram: @samofearth

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