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Sometimes when I look at a corner of a room, or corner of the city sky, it seems like the different elements want to collide with each other. It happens pretty randomly, somehow there are unexpected moments when I am compelled to imagine a colliding and rearrangement of the different pieces I see, be it a chair and a wall corner, with a pipe and a floor, or in that painting where rocks became huge and went fighting for space in the painting, with water, and the boat.


I am mostly concerned with how a picture functions like in its composition, color, line, space, etc., the formal aspects of painting. I’ve been drawing and painting since I was born, learning from my grandparents who were both painters, then pursued a classical training in Paris, and was a photorealist painter for years.


Currently I am toying with the way that the forms of two divers resist the activity of diving: they each belong to a different world but dive together into the water, but also into the unknown.


I might keep that diving theme for other paintings and continue to break up the spaces in modules, and rearrange them in a way that is satisfying. playing with many textures, overlapping spaces, and making it all a bit chaotic.

Nathalie Vogel.jpg
Ivan Sikic: TeamMember
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