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eco-Logix | Zoom Panel - Featuring Amy Thornton, Ryan Beitz & Joulia Strauss


Featuring Amy Thornton, Ryan Beitz & Joulia Strauss

as apart of the exhibition programming for


NEW DATE: November 7, 2021 from 6 to 7:30 PM (CET)

1 1 to 12:30 PM (EST)


Moderated by Fernando Schrupp Rivero, a transatlantic Zoom-Panel will accompany the exhibition

eco-Logix, featuring researchers Amy Thornton and Ryan Beitz and artist Joulia Strauss.

Alongside a panel discussion, Thornton and Beitz will present their own individual projects—where Thornton seeks a personal approach, Beitz deals with questioning the trajectory of capitalism through language. The video essay Transindigenous Assembly by Joulia Strauss will follow the presentations. A panel discussion, including the artists exhibiting in Vienna, engaging with the audience, will open the event to a larger public via the digital sphere.

Ryan Beitz will present his ongoing World Speed Project for which he seeks to obtain all available VHS copies of the hit 1994 action-adventure film Speed. To him, the total attainment of all available copies is an exercise in radical uselessness. In other words, to ask “why are you doing this” is the Capitalist’s question, since it presumes that use-value determines the worth of all endeavors. Beitz notes, “self-contradiction here notwithstanding.”

With Snow Room Amy Thornton shares an experiential meditation on her journey during the winter of COVID-19 in rural Vermont, emerging from a year of traumatic experience—hers, her family’s, her community’s. Reflecting on how embodied experience informs and shapes us far more dramatically and enduringly than text or screens, the presentation takes the viewer from Thornton’s struggle with isolation to finding connection with the full-sensory experience of her landscape and the surrounding multi-species. This experiment lead her to create a mutable installation in her small village: a COVID-safe gathering place for humans called the “snow room.”

Joulia Strauss initiated the Avtonomi Akadimia in the face of the threat to the “critical zone,” the thin layer of the Earth’s surface where all life happens. Under the auspices of this university of change that hybridizes contradictory forms of marginalized wisdom, her video essay is dedicated to all those indigenous climate activists who risk their lives fighting to improve how we treat the environment. Transindigenous Assembly is a daydreamed epistemology dictated by the oracle of plus-globalization for a University in Times of "Climate Chance."

Tune into this Zoom-Panel through the link below:

For the full Press Release of eco-Logix, please click here.

Address: Radetzkystrasse 4, 1030 Vienna, Austria

Soft Opening: 16/4/2021, 15-19h

Talk: 18/4/2021, 18h

Last View: 22/4/2021, 15-19h

Contact: Nadja Marcin, 646.924.9656,

Social Media: Facebook & Instagram @kunstraumllc, #Kunstraumllc

Image credit: Amy Thornton