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The Lonely Eclipse

The Lonely Eclipse

September 22–October 20, 2019

Curated by: Renana Neuman

Opening: Sunday, September 22, 4-6pm

Artists: Amra Causevic, Noa Ginzburg, Renana Neuman

The Lonely Eclipse is an experimental installation by artists Amra Causevic, Noa Ginzburg, and Renana Neuman. Curated by Renana Neuman, the exhibition explores lines of sight by producing multiple situations of seeing, being seen, looking at, looking through, and camouflaging. An eclipse can never exist as a singular celestial object. To take place, three celestial bodies have to align, emitting light and casting shadows. Similarly, different works in the space capture the viewers in their gravitational pull, calling for interaction.

An eclipse is an event that relies on multiple entities working in tandem. This paradox of alignment and distinction is what fuels the collaboration between the three artists in this exhibition. Each of them is biting off a piece of the outside world, extrapolating it and turning it into a playground where new rules of engagement are being invented. By simultaneously using a critical and experimental attitude, the artists consider the performative aspect of art-viewing. The Lonely Eclipse artists utilize their arsenal of materials to alter modes of perception - hard and soft, reflective and opaque, light and sound; these components all function as entry points in this experiment. The synthesis inside the gallery space is at the core of this exhibition; mixing realities, revealing previously unseen paths and layers, and constructing a collaborative, open-ended realm that invites further investment of imagination.

Amra Causevic uses everyday materials to counter the “taken for granted” moment of interacting with the world. Her whimsical sculptures do not allow us to be satisfied with what is at hand, and instead, initiate a game of “tag” with our imagination: each gesture starts a chain reaction, one that reveals the untapped magic in our everyday surroundings. For example, Causevic’s Music Box is made out of countless egg cartons that at first glance seem to be immobile and heavy, resembling a rock or tombstone. Her Soft Apparatus - A Flow Conjunction hugs the pillar in the gallery, looking as though it can barely hold on, but also calling you to find solace as a child’s soft toy would.

Noa Ginzburg’s objects create ruptures in space; her use of craft, light, and color calls us into orbit. Her Extra-Ocular Objects hang from the ceiling, resembling luminous ferns that encapsulate lights or cradle hand-made viewfinders. They offer to change the way we perceive the space around them and the way we perceive ourselves while we interact with them. They frame a piece of the world for us, enabling us to indulge in the details as well as meditate on the whole. Ginzburg’s participatory objects function like breadcrumbs in the installation, pointing us to hidden paths and to a non-linear time-based experience of the space.

In her animations, Renana Neuman plays inside the collective unconscious, creating small bubbles of daydreams and make-believe. Her works are both playful and luring but relentless, symbolizing mental loops and moments of rebellion, liberation, and mischief. Self-Loading slides between the real and the digital, while Scoring scans the gallery space, expanding and contracting, interacting with the different works and suggesting trajectories. They portray the ability to shape-shift, to evolve, to transition between forms and states of mind.

An eclipse holds a promise of change as well as a fear of an uncertain future, a momentary alteration in the mundane, a potential for action. The Lonely Eclipse is a force that brings people together, linking them in a humorous as well as empathetic manner.

The opening reception will include performances by Nabila Dadabhoy. In connection with the exhibition, on October 6th Kunstraum LLC will host a poetry reading and a discussion panel of the participating artists and poets. The event will focus on various aspects explored by the exhibition, such as notions of perception, vision, rebellion, trajectories of life, poetry, and the visual arts.

Address: Kunstraum LLC, 20 Grand Ave, Space 509, Brooklyn, NY 11205 Hrs: Thu - Sat 12-6 PM by appointment only – please contact us first! Contact: Nadja Marcin, 646.924.9656, Social Media:

Instagram @kunstraumllc #Kunstraumllc

Image: Noa Ginzburg, Extra-Ocular object #2, Glazed ceramic, golden plastic ribbon, Length varies x 12 x 4 in

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