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Sabina Khorramdel is a multidisciplinary artist who works across a wide range of media, from sound and interactive installations to paper and ink.

Her childhood scattered from the Crimean Peninsula to the Caspian Sea and ended at the highest peaks in the world. Her first childhood memory was of her home and the image she constructed looking through the porthole of the plane as her family was forced to move due to the civil war. It was the tapestry of steppes woven into camouflage.

Going into states of contemplation and meditation, setting an intention, and communicating with ancestors are the main ingredients in her process which further are transcribed with intuitive lines and composed using Bauhaus principles.

She feels her blossoming into the world preceded the growth of her roots due to geopolitical unrest during her formative years. The latter is manifesting through the creation of internal self-portraits, the sense of self in the topography of her tapestry.

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