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Qi's origin lies in Chaoshan, China—a region entrenched in tradition and patriarchy, nestled beside the sea. As the solitary offspring within her family and as a woman, she matured amidst a tapestry of rigid doctrines. In the dynamic crucible of swiftly evolving Chinese society and her secluded hometown, she perceived the world as a paradox, brimming with sensitivity.

Her journey led her to achieve a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Battling mental afflictions, she often found herself ensnared within the illusion of a womb-like existence. This maternal cocoon underscored a peculiarly macabre sacrifice, where the juxtaposition of unwavering vitality and constriction coexisted. Within her canvases, this journey unfolded, amplifying the maelstrom of self-disarray and introspection.

Today, Qi navigates between the realms of painting and performance art, employing diverse mediums to delve into the amalgamation of her internal artistic outpourings.

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