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Exploring the transformative power of personality is a central theme in my artistic endeavors. In response to global events, individuals often find themselves compelled to adapt, creating new rules and sometimes entire lifestyles.  


Within my artwork, I strive to reveal the intricate connections between internal and external worlds. Employing mixed media techniques enables me to layer not only physical elements but also metaphorical dimensions. Emotions unfold as complex, time adopts a non-linear character, and thought processes take on a nuanced and curved trajectory.  


My background in Psychology provides an analytical lens through which I process my surroundings. The objects, or "blobs," in my art mirror real people while maintaining an ambiguity that resonates with the psychological blob technique. This technique, often used in therapy, encourages individuals to associate themselves with specific characters and behaviors.  


Through the incorporation of human-resembling objects and blobs, I invite viewers to immerse themselves in these realms, fostering a spectrum of emotions — from anxiety to joy and beyond. The challenge is to envision one's own presence within these creations, sparking a diverse and immersive emotional experience.  

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