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Kunstraum Members Summer Show

Kunstraum Members Summer Show August 14 – August 28, 2016 Opening reception Sunday, August 14th, 4-6 PM Curated by Dashiell Jordan Featuring Christy Bencosme, Robert Costello, Benjamin DuVall, Nancy Elsamanoudi, Andrea Halbfinger, Karen Holt, Ariel Kitch, Erin Rouse, Nichole Shinn, Iván Sikic, and Kurt Woerpel Kunstraum LLC is proud to present Kunstraum Members Summer Show. Kunstraum strives to provide a creative community for artists to exchange ideas and practices, to network and benefit from each other’s experiences. This exhibition showcases some of the talent that is fostered in our studios, providing both known and emerging artists the opportunity to show their work together. The ten

CA Photography Annual 2016 /// Holding On to Space

Wendy Richmond July, 2016 read article Over the past few years, the production of my artwork has required a cell phone, a laptop and an Internet connection. But my current endeavor needs a dedicated physical space, so, after a month of intense looking, I found and moved into a studio. The neighborhood is a mix of old and new establishments. A taxi garage, a car wash and a tire shop are around the corner from a café, a wine store and two hip, upscale restaurants. There are at least three in-progress construction sites for “lifestyle” apartments, with signs advertising sleek kitchens, fitness centers, roof decks and pet spas. You probably know where I’m heading with this.It’s a classic story.