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The Creator Project VICE /// Finally, the Art World Gets a Bootleg Video Store

Andrew Nunes — May 16, 2016 read article or visit the VideoeShop Amidst rows of whitewalled spaces filled to the brim with art, there was a booth at this year’s New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) New York art fair that took a very different, but familiar approach to their setup. Recalling simpler times when Blockbuster had yet to file for bankruptcy, gallery and artist hub Kunstraum presented their booth as a makeshift video store, with rows of DVDs, a larger-than-life cinema poster, and a series of monitors playing loops of the videos on the racks. The concept was executed with such precision that the booth was awarded the inaugural Artspace Fairgoer Award for "most compelling booth." Video Sh

Huffington Post /// Highlights From NADA New York 2016

Kari Adelaide May 11, 2016 read article Kunstraum LLC (Brooklyn) presented an ambitiously relaxed project, VIDEO SHOP, showcasing “artist-authorized bootlegs” editions of DVDs in a video store recreation, including works by Jon Kessler, Nadja Verena Marcin, David Merrit, Emma Sulkowicz, Shelly Silver, and more. A DVD of Alex McQuilkin’s “ROMEO AND JULIET (I Wanna Be Claire Danes)” stood out in a manner of iconic, throw-back glory. The process of browsing shelves of DVDs and previewing some on hand-held screens was nostalgic and warm, but also felt like a prescient way to open up a treasure trove of hidden, videographic potential.

Artspace /// The Artspace Fairgoer Awards: NADA New York 2016 Edition

By Artspace Editors read article Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the inaugural Artspace Fairgoer Awards, in which you—yes you!—the audience have selected the most compelling booths at this year's edition of NADA New York. (That is, at least, any of you who took the time to vote at our high-tech polling station at the fair.) While this is largely a notional award, and comes with no physical prize or financial windfall, it remains rich with pomp and deeply profound significance. Drum roll please.... This year's winner, by popular acclaim, is Kunstraum, the Clinton Hill gallery and co-working studio space founded by Fernando Schrupp and Nadja Verena Marcin and run with the help of Vanessa Albu

Interview /// 10 PICKS FROM NADA NEW YORK 2016

By WILLIAM J. SIMMONS read article Kunstraum, an artist-run gallery near the Brooklyn Navy Yards, opened only last year, but they’ve done something pretty amazing already. At NADA, the gallery presents world premiere or rare video art in artist-authorized bootleg editions of their work. Combine a 1990s blockbuster feel with affordable work by legends like Susan Silas, Jon Kessler, Michael Mahalchick, and you get retro-chic video art realness.

artnet news /// 11 Booths I Could Hardly Tear Myself Away From at NADA New York

Brian Boucher, May 6, 2016 read article It’s time for NADA New York, the annual fair organized by the New Art Dealers Alliance. Just over a hundred dealers from all over the globe have brought their most stylish artists, young and old and everywhere in between, to Basketball City, on New York’s East River. Emma Sulkowicz at Kunstraum, Brooklyn Helping, a video work that predates Emma Sulkowicz’s legendary mattress performance, Carry That Weight, shows Sulkowicz moving a mattress out of her home. It’s set to the sad soundtrack of her phone conversation with the authorities about the rape she alleges occurred in her Columbia University dorm room. artnet News’ Ben Davis called Carry That Wei

Video Shop /// NADA Art Fair

Video Shop /// NADA Art Fair NADA New York, May 5–8, 2016 Curated by Nadja Verena Marcin Video Shop /// NADA Art Fair Curated by Nadja