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Liang He is a research-based interdisciplinary artist who studies systems associated with the construction of identities and the assertion of control, in the framework of critical play theory. He creates sculptures and installations
situated in game-like settings to present the stages of negotiation inside oneself, and among individuals, institutions, technology, and nature. He appropriates
the method that games used to codify social relationships into rules of play, by playing the string of rules and thereby reshuffling these dynamics in the art.


Born in Foshan, China in 2000, He received his BFA degree in studio art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2022, where he was awarded Presidential Merit Scholarship. Moving to New York City right after graduation, he attended the SVA summer residency and is currently a resident at Kunstraum LLC. He has exhibited internationally in New York City, Chicago,
San Francisco, Guangzhou, and Pingyao.

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