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Heather Monks is a still life photographer based in Brooklyn, known for her captivating work that combines photography with frozen floral and botanical elements. Heather Monks masterfully combines the delicate nature of ice and the fleeting beauty of flowers to symbolize the human pursuit of perfection.  
Graduating from Columbia College Chicago in 2019 with a BA in Commercial Photography, she showcased her series Fleur et Lumen in a solo exhibition at C33 Gallery in 2018, which continues to inspire her work today. 


Heather's artistic journey has been shaped by her diverse experience living across the country. Drawing inspiration from her surroundings, she suspends these botanical elements in ice and captures their essence through photography. Through this process, she preserves these perfect moments and creates highly detailed and abstracted pieces that highlight the fleeting nature of life and invites the viewer to contemplate the beauty and mystery of being. 


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